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1 – Company Description:

In accordance with the law on the « Freedom of Communication », please find below information CitEx s.à r.l. and its host. The company Citex s.à r.l., with share capital of 16,500 euros, registered with the Companies Registration Office of Luxembourg with the following tax ID number B 138356 and headquartered at 12 Rue Nicolas Kremer L-4638 Differdange, (hereafter « the comopany »)
The website is hosted by EuroDns for the property

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The user is solely responsible for the identity he discloses and the information he/she relays.
The use of any data from the user’s email address will be considered as the user’s works.
The company does not guarantee in any way the accuracy or the exhaustivness of information from referenced websites herein.

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5 – Personal information

The personal information rtequired from the user is necessary to process his/her order. This information is exclusively intended for the company. In accordance with the law, the user has the right to either access, to modify, to correct or to supress any data related to him/her from the company. To exercise your rights, you could contact us by sending a mail at the following address :
CitEx s.à r.l.
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The visitor commits to communicate only relevant information without harming jeopardizing the interests of third parties. The personal information along with any contact information of the guests would only be communicated to third parties with the full consent of the user while typing in the information. Notwithstanding the above, CitEx sàrl might disclose any information regarding the guest in order to abide by the law or to satisfy any legal or administrative request.

6 – Access conditions

The company is committed to making efforts in order for consumers to access service 24/7 except in case of eceptional circumstances beyond normal such as an uncontrollable event, disturbance or interruption of network access, electronic equipment malfunction, oe any other event linked to the internet access that might affect operation under standard mode of operation.